Dress – Delpozo; Necklace – Dior.

My closet is like my very own art gallery. It’s filled to the brim with clothes, accessories, and knick-knacks that I’ve collected over the years, each with a meaningful memory attached to them. Every time I walk into my wardrobe, I feel instantly inspired. There are so many colors, textures, and shapes that give me a boost of creativity.

Today, I’ll show you around my closet and share some tips on how to keep your own closet space organized.


With my number one style icon, Panda!

A style tip working women: invest in a structured blazer and a crisp white shirt. This one from Balmain (left) and Carolina Herrera (right) are in constant rotation in my wardrobe.


TIP#1: Color coordination is the key to keeping your wardrobe organized. If you have hoarding tendencies like me (a girl can never have too many high heels, right?), arranging your pieces by color will keep your space looking neat.

TIP #2: One of the best investments I’ve made for my home is a dehumidifier for my wardrobe. It does wonders for maintaining the leather quality of bags or shoes.


TIP #3: This goes out to all shoe addicts like me! After organising your shoes by color, organise them by type (open-toe, peep-toe, pumps, and so on). The visual effect of similar shoes lined up together is immaculate!


TIP #4: One of my pet peeves is seeing a beautiful bag start to lose its form! Your bag’s structure can be taken cared of easily with just some stuffers – like a small pillow, bubble wrap, or any acid-free paper. It’s such a simple step to keep your handbags looking good-as-new.


Pajama Set – Eve the Label.

TIP #5: If you collect jewelry, you’ll understand the struggle of keeping your pieces from tangling with one another. I love having this island with drawer inserts that let me store jewelry on a flat surface, and showcase the pieces beautifully through the clear top.


FINAL TIP: Ultimately, your wardrobe, or any space in your home for that matter, should be a place that inspires you. Decorate it with things that showcase your style, things that bring back to good memories, and things that charge your creative energy.

Can’t wait to share more spaces with you!


Photo by Sweet Escape

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Inside #SunniesVacay

Kryz Uy

custom swim for sunnies merch



KryzUy.Com-Sunnies-Vacay-13 KryzUy.Com-Sunnies-Vacay-8



KryzUy.Com-Sunnies-Vacay-15 KryzUy.Com-Sunnies-Vacay-3

Mornings with Kelly

Perfect Gift Ideas

Since Christmas is right around the corner (27 days left!!!), here are a few ideas to help you give that perfect meaningful gift this Christmas. It’s not all about presents, but sometimes, the right one can make you feel incredibly loved and special. Instead of the usual fragrance, or gift box, why not make a little extra effort with these instead? Enjoy!

1. The book
#ThirstythoughtBook #BehindTheBlog

Book Signing in Cebu:
DEC 4, 1-3PM 
National Bookstore, SM Cebu

Book Signing in Manila:
DEC 10, 11AM
Bloggers United Bazaar, World Trade Center Manila

*post a photo of the book using the hashtags for a surprise in the coming days!

2. Loungewear
Eve the Label
Uniqlo Drape Pants

3. Customized Leather Accessories

4. Customized Aprons

5. Mini Tripod
Lumee iPhone case

6. Art Decals

7. Artwork



By Cath Sobrevega

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the Empress of Pink? In her latest hit music video, the Empire of Pink, Anne Curtis pushes the styling boundaries yet again – rocking out in several pink fashion pieces as she dances to an addictively pulsating beat.QTR - Empire of Pink-01-01

The music itself is an EDM anthem that will make your body want to move. But combined with Anne’s energy and the explosions of bright colors, it’s truly an electrifying delight to hear and see.

Read on to find out about all of Anne’s looks! You might be able to steal some ideas to wear for your next party or event.



Nothing says “EMPRESS” more than a hot pink robe! But really, who doesn’t dream of walking around the house in a pink robe and high heels. Whether it’s for lazing about the house, or those barkada sleepovers, this look perfectly blends effortless and awesome at the same time.

How to get the look:

Silk Robe – Eve the label

Heels – Moschino






by : Aya Cabauatan

Natural light, nature, freckles, messy waves, and a pop of color. A few of my favorite things, making this one of my favorite shoots to date.

Special thanks to Xeng for making this look possible. Although, this was the very first time we met and worked together, we instantly got each other and made a great team. Huge thanks to Merry as well for putting together these amazing looks, especially the make-shift top and skirt using just 2 scarves. Lastly, thank you to Olivia, the most graceful and spontaneous model I’ve worked with. Kudos to her flexibility!!! I can say I am truly honored to be able to collaborate with all these amazing, talented, and passionate people. This is what keeps me going!

Enjoy and follow Olivia to paradise.

PS You’ll find a few BTS and preview snaps below!

D3S5664-edit-2 D3S5684-edit-4 D3S5708-edit-2 D3S5652-edit-2 D3S5634-edit-2D3S5752-edit-1 D3S5765-edit-1


HMUA  Xeng Zulueta

Stylsits  Merry Chris

Model Olivia Medina of IM Agency

 Photographer Aya Cabauatan

Location The Farm at San Benito

 Silky dreams

Willabelle Ong

wo willabelle willabelleong willabelle

They say we spend one third of our lives in bed, so it only makes sense to invest in luxe silky repertoires that sweet dreams are made of. A personalised silk pyjama set remains stylish all hours of the day, and has the right amount of accompanying insouciance you could ever ask for.Surely I live for these Eve The Label collared cut co-ords, they’re both mighty transeasonal and functional – simply add one major jewellery piece and a sumptuous coat, and you’re out the door in seconds. There’s also a reason why silk robe dressing gowns are a coveted item. They’re timeless, will never date, and will stay with you for years and years. I personally bring one or two along on my travels, for they’re seriously lightweight and unbelievably chic to lounge in.Sleepwear elegance never looked better. Agree?

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c8 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c8 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c8 preset


DSC_0014 Religionblack_crawford religionblackcrawford

Swimwear: Eve The Label

Went back to La Union with some friends recently, and I just continue to fall in love with the place. Though LU is known for surfing, I go there simply to enjoy that chill surf town vibe, and hope to go home 2 shades darker. I always go back to the same hostel Flotsam and Jetsam just because it’s really pretty (and clean too)! Really pleased to see its expansion and most of all, that my favourite LU coffee spot El Union has moved in. Sharing a look we shot early in the morning- always a fan of morning light. I’ve been into one piece maillots a lot lately, but I get slightly obsessive compulsive about getting an even tan. I guess it just means I need more beach days to even it out! X

Photos by Mikee Tuason

Mermaid Art

By Sam Maliksi

Mermaids in our Lenore bralette and Attina Balconette swim top

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By Details


bydetails-evethelabel-9 bydetails-evethelabel-5 bydetails-evethelabel-10

bydetails-evethelabel-14bydetails-evethelabel-11 bydetails-evethelabel-13 bydetails-evethelabel


Ria Casco


Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 4.53.39 PM image

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 4.53.26 PM

By Details

Wrap Around

IMG_9859s IMG_9860s1 IMG_9872s1 IMG_9875s1 IMG_9878s1 IMG_9880s1 IMG_9898s IMG_9902s IMG_9906s IMG_9920s IMG_9924s

Here’s the much awaited shoot I did yesterday with Toni Despojo (Miss Marie PH). We were lucky enough to have Montebello Villa Hotel as the perfect backdrop for our whole day session. For our first set we thought the old romantic pillars were perfect for this classic black wrap around dress from Eve The Label. Giving it a little modern twist with my J.Crew hat and offsetting this look with Converse from Shopbop instead of heels. The perfect balance of casual and formal styling elements was what completed this look. That, and Toni’s awesome photography skills.

By Details

Sleeping with Eve (The Label)




Finding comfort in sleep is a precious gift and what’s more precious is when you get to find the perfect silk pajama set that could get you to cloud nine. I’m talking about Eve The Label ‘s customized pajama set. Ever since I got this I’ve been bringing this sleepwear with me every time I go out of town and the comfort level is amazing. I practically sleep like a baby whenever I’m wearing this one! It’s pretty cute too since I get to customize my name on the pocket. Style and comfort all rolled into one. Sweet dreams friends!

Understated dressing


YVES_SHIFTDRESS_MAROON eve-the-label-yves-dress4 eve-the-label-yves-dress7 eve-the-label-yves-dress8 eve-the-label-yves-dress9b

Events almost always make me feel underdressed – like I never put enough effort into what I wear nor my hair & make up. Even when I find myself in the most uncomfortable pair of heels – which is, to me, equivalent to Lenten sacrifice – fellow event attendees I bump into are always extremely polished or dressed to the nines with matching full make up. Admittedly, it makes me look like I spent a maximum of 5 minutes on myself in comparison despite my much longer make up ritual (albeit just in the car.)

Then again, being polished wouldn’t feel “me”. Don’t get me wrong, I have the same number of blazers as much as the next person but they are mostly reserved for those special meetings with non-fashion industry folks who wouldn’t understand my understated dressing and who might consider my lack of formalwear rude.

I wore this dress to a recent event and though I felt initially conscious in a sea of elegant midi skirts and tulle, I was reminded that this look actually captures my aesthetic – extremely comfortable (it’s loose and has pockets) and rather revealing. Don’t be fooled: that deep V goes much lower than my belly button, I was just feeling slightly more conservative that day and decided to tie it a little higher and tighter. It was just an afternoon get-together anyway.

I already feel pressured to wear heels out most of the time, I really shouldn’t let societal expectations get the best of my wardrobe too. This dress stays on. And make no mistake, it will stay on for a long time. Probably ’til the strings are tattered by my dryer. Probably even then.

Shades of Style

The only season that I can actually feel free and liberated is, Summer. When I got this dress from EVE THE LABEL I never knew that I could actually wear it off the beach. haha! Of course I’m not that liberated yet so I made sure I wore the best undergarments. I personally love EVE THE LABEL since they have the sexiest yet very wearable pieces ever! You should check their personalized PJ’s out!

Weather check: see through is still in!

Weather check: see through is still in!


Paper Doll

Lounge set from EVE THE LABEL 

The view, the people and the cuisine were the aspects of Santorini I saw through the staycation. Staying in the hotel was already amazing, what more in their streets? Expect that on the next posts!

Thanks for dropping by!


Reneeedg_santorini Reneeedg_santorini Reneeedg_santorini


By Details


The sweet color of pink is what we’re up to on today’s post. I’m here in Dumaguete right now and since we’re opening up a new branch and we’ve been extra busy and doing loads of over time work all I’m thinking about is staying under the sheets under the comfort of my Eve The Label (ig: @evethelabel_) sleepwear. Cozying up to dreamy weekends and pink hues.

 DSCF1765 DSCF1770


By Details

Mustard Beat

Here at Liloan right now to chill for the entire weekend. Holy week has finally come in and I am super excited to just relax all day. This summer season I am all about sheer dresses that go well with the relaxing breeze and the blazing hot sun. Keeping cool in this chic Yves dress from Eve The Label (ig: @evethelabel_). Beat the heat!


By Details

Petal Pushers

DSCF0644 DSCF0650 DSCF0651 DSCF0660 DSCF0664 DSCF0675 DSCF0677 DSCF0680What I’d give to have a garden filled with pretty flowerrs like these! This Tyler Set from Eve The Label (ig: @evethelabel_) was the perfect outfit to wear having this as my backdrop. Yup! The brand has more than sleepwear to flaunt. Light and neutral tones seem to be coming up on a lot of recent spring trends so I thought this would be a good match to shoot. It’s sexy yet sweet all rolled into one.