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Dress – Delpozo; Necklace – Dior.

My closet is like my very own art gallery. It’s filled to the brim with clothes, accessories, and knick-knacks that I’ve collected over the years, each with a meaningful memory attached to them. Every time I walk into my wardrobe, I feel instantly inspired. There are so many colors, textures, and shapes that give me a boost of creativity.

Today, I’ll show you around my closet and share some tips on how to keep your own closet space organized.


With my number one style icon, Panda!

A style tip working women: invest in a structured blazer and a crisp white shirt. This one from Balmain (left) and Carolina Herrera (right) are in constant rotation in my wardrobe.


TIP#1: Color coordination is the key to keeping your wardrobe organized. If you have hoarding tendencies like me (a girl can never have too many high heels, right?), arranging your pieces by color will keep your space looking neat.

TIP #2: One of the best investments I’ve made for my home is a dehumidifier for my wardrobe. It does wonders for maintaining the leather quality of bags or shoes.


TIP #3: This goes out to all shoe addicts like me! After organising your shoes by color, organise them by type (open-toe, peep-toe, pumps, and so on). The visual effect of similar shoes lined up together is immaculate!


TIP #4: One of my pet peeves is seeing a beautiful bag start to lose its form! Your bag’s structure can be taken cared of easily with just some stuffers – like a small pillow, bubble wrap, or any acid-free paper. It’s such a simple step to keep your handbags looking good-as-new.


Pajama Set – Eve the Label.

TIP #5: If you collect jewelry, you’ll understand the struggle of keeping your pieces from tangling with one another. I love having this island with drawer inserts that let me store jewelry on a flat surface, and showcase the pieces beautifully through the clear top.

FINAL TIP: Ultimately, your wardrobe, or any space in your home for that matter, should be a place that inspires you. Decorate it with things that showcase your style, things that bring back to good memories, and things that charge your creative energy.

Can’t wait to share more spaces with you!


Photo by Sweet Escape

Barney + Eve

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Pastor: Pastor Robert Santos ( CCF )

Bridal Gown: Eve Design Studios
Groom’s Suit: British Tailor Hong Kong

Bridal Shoes: Marchesa
Grooms Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

Video: Bob Nicolas
Photo: Jeff and Lisa Photography

Flowers: Dave Sandoval
Cake: Chef Penk Ching

Entourage Gowns
Mother of the Bride: Patricia Santos
Mother of the Groon:Ronald Enrico
Bridesmaids: Eve Design Studios

Make up:
Owen Sarmiento
Mother of the bride
Sisters of the bride

Precious Medina Makeup Artistry
Mother of the Groom
Sister of the Groom
Grandmother of the Groom

Crissy Fojas
Jhong Sudlon

Invitation: Global Invitations
Coordinator: Abby Basa
Entourage Flowers: Purple Garden

Photobooth & Flipbooks: Flipbooks
Roaving photographer:Photoman

Cotton Candy: Lollipuffs
Icecream: FIC
Cheese and Cold Cuts: Chef Bj Uy
Chocolate Fondue

Music: Toni B.
Lights and Sounds:10 inch
Live feed: 10 inch
Customized Dance Floor: 4th Wall Production Design

Erwan + Anne


anne curtis wedding

Photographer: Pat Dy
Bridal gown: Monique Lhuillier


Kho + Chua

IMG_1310 2 IMG_1311 2 IMG_1312 2 IMG_1313 2 IMG_1314 3 IMG_1315 2 IMG_1316 3
IMG_1318 3

La Bianca Dressing Robe in Wine

Pre- Nup Makeup and Grooming | Bride and Groom : Ennah Trinidad Makeup Artistry

Wedding :Bride’s Family: Ennah Trinidad Makeup Artistry
Bridal Makeup: Jelly Eugenio
Gown: Cara Kho
Bridal Robe: Eve The Label
Photo: Jiggie Alejandrino Wedding Photographs
Event Stylist: Events by Nikki Chatto
Coordinator: Christine Ong-Te Events



IMG_5309 IMG_5310 IMG_5311

Claudia Barretto at 18



Custom Elvira Robe: Eve the Label

Stylist: Stylized Studio

Videographer: Nice Print Photography
Photographer:Nice Print Photography
Bridal gown: Mark Bumgarner
Make-Up:Owen Sarmiento







Tinka Herrera + Adrian Dan

19467829_1508025302551330_8485163898443090234_o 19467846_1508024762551384_6092018651941614938_o 19488856_1508024359218091_6838729702703557333_o 19575332_1508024562551404_1089173265175544778_o 19577146_1508025679217959_7997660242631404036_o


Bridal dressing gown and Entourage Robe: Eve the Label

Videographer: Cinemaworks Wedding Art Film
Photographer: Jaja Samaniego Photography
Bridal gown: Michael Leyva
Make-Up: Precious Medina Makeup Artistry



 Monica Atienza + Giordan Pua

20264918_10155466108161549_4388918644981913737_n 20264922_10155466104106549_8580380527966980849_n 20265017_10155466108786549_5875036339859000401_n 20280513_10155466097856549_5435702951108362050_o 20280564_10155466108216549_2694242061266479423_o 20280716_10155466103391549_7085249384204400741_o 20286737_10155466098406549_3614294383255957496_o 20286793_10155466098236549_870279749849543773_o 20286855_10155466098066549_3377133284696217023_o 20286919_10155466098296549_5970131330954036756_o 20287041_10155466098461549_5443098624716978062_o 20292602_10155466104591549_444283647113574993_n 20292709_10155466103801549_5982282553593750714_n 20292891_10155466098456549_6185701464687766529_n 20294450_10155466097021549_3357074788616235121_n 20294541_10155466104581549_4244333765293288436_n 20368878_10155466097291549_3247791621343370349_o 20369471_10155466104451549_2237208811012244929_o 20369645_10155466093156549_6456179441659404834_o 20369820_10155466096581549_5760413022653320611_o 20369885_10155466097281549_5453905319977213123_o 20374390_10155466107906549_4613724667325841217_n
20413885_10155466097716549_859363897721622196_o 20413888_10155466105496549_242715160853431601_o 20423987_10155466097561549_983748411743369374_o 20424261_10155466101116549_6179706576026369630_o 20424322_10155466097091549_1246910435647675897_o 20431545_10155466103446549_2890747053051121981_n 20431624_10155466097901549_4849217410990479465_n 20449110_10155466096471549_3325771835421278401_o 20451665_10155466098566549_3413281962812136087_o 20476318_10155466106356549_6628328969505699500_n Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 9.44.26 PM Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 9.15.15 PM Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 9.14.26 PM Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 9.20.55 PM image image image image image

Bridal dressing gown , Entourage Robe and Flower girl robe: Eve the Label

Videographer: Bob Nicolas
Photographer: Metrophoto Oly Ruiz
Coordinator: Christine Ong Te
Church: Santuario de San Antonio Parish
Church Florist: Spruce Floral Designs
Groom’s Tuxedo: JE&Co.
Reception: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
Stylist: Jo Romero Claravall
Make-Up: Mickey See
Hair: Jerry Javier
Grooming: The Spoiled Groom
Groomsmen Entourage: Felipe and Sons

Mornings with Kelly

Sarah Ng + Edison Ke




Bridal Prep robe and Entourage Robe: Eve the Label

Phototographer : My Metro Photo
Make-Up: Albert Kurniawan
Wedding Gown: Cary Santiago
Coordination: Jenny Lim
Videography: Project Mayo7
Flowers and Styling: Nikki Chatto
Grooming: The Spoiled Groom
Church: San Sebastian
Reception: Marriott Grand Ballroom
Emcee: Mike Lim

Shyne Ampatuan + Hance Angas

Bridal Prep robe and Entourage Robe: Eve the Label

Videographer: Bob Nicolas
Photographer: Nelwin Uy
Stylist: Dave Sandoval
Make Up : Jelly Eugenio
Bridal Gown: Patricia Santos

Monica + Giordan Tingun


17435967_10154201497882234_7741264498162013274_o 17435979_10154201492042234_3016826986699399120_o 17436009_10154201491767234_8322940677094579608_o
17492410_10154201493032234_2532660490844795783_o 17492418_10154201516557234_1872587468659143088_o
17504939_10154201510957234_3971745841958805502_o 17505276_10154201491687234_3527765455271697967_o
17547080_10154201493992234_3721421083254289657_o 17620096_10154201497387234_768758359592853829_o
17620243_10154201493712234_7197093590832166530_o 17620276_10154201497972234_2136482734816905090_o 17620300_10154201496852234_6483337192201116855_o 17620313_10154201503237234_3324660980531429491_o 17620397_10154201496037234_4342393275404760673_o 17620472_10154201491827234_7626167112082049647_o 17620502_10154201499482234_1387691879704417414_o
17621699_10154201495622234_9043333787374582637_o 17621726_10154201499607234_25461797049169380_o 17621811_10154201496032234_4031862866824752349_o 17621897_10154201497442234_1631769515060942820_o
17621841_10154201499047234_1945339476756080516_o 17621884_10154201496867234_1926637122125991887_o 17621887_10154201495197234_9037706161870024589_o 17621893_10154201496152234_3859919835692412534_o
17621972_10154201507862234_5661157355879966884_o 17622000_10154201493832234_8876328628805104605_o 17622088_10154201492197234_5757659792724289765_o 17632060_10154201496352234_1529130541484027057_o 17632120_10154201497967234_9190359322815186604_o 17632186_10154201492642234_3473596918695065604_o 17632194_10154201492927234_6462187430041061675_o 17632258_10154201502512234_6072284314678289928_o 17632286_10154201493647234_9037709301524231041_o

17632334_10154201500947234_4991693355587406663_o 17632390_10154201492802234_5653927764345020727_o 17632434_10154201493572234_3841277787889363303_o 17635088_10154201493327234_5059641503653377680_o
17635557_10154201493152234_4143892020556858320_o 17636808_10154201491947234_1252446157209980028_o 17636853_10154201505077234_1584553522390825599_o
17637057_10154201502617234_7153078804693197873_o 17761046_10154224725227234_6047930517705851429_o

Bridal prep robe: Eve the Label

Photographer: Foreveryday Photography
Make Up : Mickey See
Groom Suit by: JE&Co.
Bride Dress: Patricia Santos
Photo by: Foreveryday Photography

Darlene Dy + Marco Ong

image image image image



Emilia Bridal Dressing gown : Eve the Label

Ceremony: Manila Cathedral
Catering: Bizu Catering Studio
Host: RJ Ledesma
Gown: Patricia Santos
Robe: Eve Design Studios
Makeup: Madge Landrito Lejano
Hair: Renz Pangilinan
Stylist: Teddy Manuel
Photo: Chestknots Studio
Video: Mayad Studios
Carts: Toby’s Estate BGC / Pouf Cotton Candy

Sophia Tan at 18


Debutante’s Robe: Eve the Label

Make-up: Cherry Pacheco
Photo | Video: Dreamcatchers PhotoCinema
Gown: Hannah Kong

Rahim + Ellen


Bridal and Entourage Sleepwear : Eve the Label

Phototographer : Pat Dy
Make-up: Denise Ochoa
Videography: Project Mayo7
Flowers and Styling: Gideon Hermosa
Bridal Gown: Patricia Santos

Maine + Alden

Bridal Prep Robe: Eve the Label

Phototographer : My Metro Photo
Make-up: Lala Flores
Coordination: Events Lab
Videography: Jason Magbanua
Flowers and Styling: Badang Rueda
Grooming: The Spoiled Groom
Wedding Stylist: Liz Uy

Isabelle Daza + Adrien Semblat

Bridal prep dress and Entourage Robe: Eve the Label

Videographer: Bob Nicolas
Photographer: Pat Dy
Bridal Gown: Vera Wang
Groom’s Attire: Suit It Up Manila